Jan 17, 2013

Quick Update.

Since this started as a page on my original blog, now turned in to a blog itself, I will go ahead and post a little update.

Okay, we are on week three of January.  So, I put in my $3 according to plan.  However...I also added in the coins after rolling them.  Our bank has a sorter, but they charge a fee for running it through the sorter.  I admit it is a rather small fee, I guess.  It is a percentage of the amount, the rate is lower for bank members than for non-members.  This is what bugs me about the whole thing.  As a loyal member of that bank I shouldn't have to pay for using the sorter.  No employees are involved.  Dump the coins in, it pops out a ticket, take the ticket to the teller and then you can do what you like with the funds.  They wouldn't let me cash in the coins at the teller, so I bought a little sorter that feeds straight in to coin wrappers.  I have marked the coin wrappers with my name and address.  If they won't let me deposit that in to my account, there will be some loud conversation as to why the bank won't take my money.

Instead of the goal on the chart of $1,378.00 I have created a spread sheet using that as the form.  I am still going to deposit each week, except I am depositing in to a bank bag and will take that to the bank to be deposited in to a savings account each month.  Not going to waste my time or the bank's time by depositing such a small amount each week.  Here are the changes I made.

I used the $1,500.00 needed for the church trip as a goal.  I set up formulas in the spread sheet to subtract the amount deposited in a running total so that I can see how much is left to come up with.  That account now has a balance of $138.00 which consist of $100 deposit to the church for a spot on the trip, $38.00 from rolls of coin, and I need to record the $3.00 per savings guide.  The coin came from the change jar, which still has change, I only took out what filled rolls.

Guess that pretty much catches it all up to date.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment, I like to read them.

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