Mar 10, 2014

Finally On The Mend - MPM 3/10-16

I can actually say that I am finally...FINALLY...on the road to recovery.  Still having coughing bouts at the stupidest of moments, but they are getting few and far between.  Am I ever glad, because it seems the older you get the harder it is to hold in the bodily functions when you are coughing, sneezing, and coughing.  Makes for a lot of laundry.  Grand babies are doing great and for that I am very thankful.  Would rather it be me that is sick and miserable than them.

Once again I am linking up with MPM over at Organized Junkie.  If you haven't looked it over, there are over a hundred blogs linked up all sharing what their menu plan for the week is.  Some are even thoughtful enough to post the recipes or links to the recipes.  I don't have recipes or links today, but am hoping to post some through the week.

So far, this is the plan for the week.

Mon. - Rolled Meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes
Tue. - King Ranch Chicken casserole, corn, beans
Wed. - Meatball tortellini soup
Thu. - Tilapia, rice, broccoli
Fri. - Beef tips and noodles
Sat. - Waiting to see if we will be in town
Sun. - Steak, potato, salad

This is not set in stone, but it is the general plan.  I have the freezer stocked well with a variety of meet.  Local grocery had ground beef (93%) on sale for $2.99 a pound, which is a savings of $2.50 a pound.  I loaded up, brought home just over 12 pounds and divided it up and packaged it in one pound packages for the freezer.  Sunday may change if I end up having a family dinner, I have a big ham but was planning on it for Easter.  The family has no clue, but I am implementing the "slash" plan this week.  "Slashing" fast food, bad food by cutting portions a little but cooking healthier and more from scratch.  "Slashing" spending as well.  I have gotten cash for my budget for the next two weeks.  Will be recording every penny I spend on a spread sheet to see where I am spending the most so I can figure out where I can cut the easiest.  "Slashing" time wasters as well.  At least where I can given that my day revolves around caring for a toddler and an infant.

This past week was pretty good as far as meals.
 Slow cooked brisket.  Man have I missed this.  Still have a big portion in the freezer, already cooked, just waiting to be eaten.
Rotisserie chicken and noodles with butter cracker crumbs.  My mom fixed this a lot when I was growing up and I was feeling a nostalgic so I made some.  Of course I was the only one to eat them since hubby will not eat pasta of any kind.
 My oldest daughter sent this box of heaven to me.  A really sweet note telling me she had some good memories of me and wanted to thank me.
I made roast beef sandwiches one evening as well.  They were good too.

No really great cooking went on, I was still a bit under the weather and it was a strange week with the little ones.  However, no meals out, nothing brought home, hubby is happy we had home cooked meals each night.  Okay, so the chicken was brought home from Costco, BUT...I can't buy chicken and spices  to cook it up for less money than I buy one, and there is always some left over for other dishes.

Well, that is it for today.  I have a huge stack of recipes printed out that I want to try so have to figure out how to throw them in the meal plan.  I have some bananas that have for sure seen better days so am hoping to get them made up in to banana bread or muffins in the next day or two.

Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the visit.  Come back soon to visit again.

Feb 25, 2014

Crazy Times.

So, I finally get my kitchen back up and running and here I am sick as can be.  So...this is going to be a short little posting just to make myself stay more current with my blog.  Hopefully.

First of all, my bulb garden (the store's word for it) is doing wonderfully. 

It smells so good when I go through the front door now.  Not sure just which one, or if it is a combination of several, but the flowers fragrance really is divine.  They are all still alive, except for the yellow tall ones (well the plant part is alive, the blooms have died off) and for me that is something.

The weather is starting to warm up finally and EVERYTHING in the town is budding, blooming and erupting with pollen and signs of life.  We have all been under attack from our allergies, not to mention this cough and flu crap, so we just keep passing it back and forth.

The menu planning has been going pretty well.  It has been fun finding all the gizmos I had put away for when I had my kitchen back. I was selling Pampered Chef, things got really crazy around here with the kitchen remodel, holidays, travel and illness I haven't been able to do much with it, trying to figure out if I want to continue with it, considering I am my best customer.
 This is called a "salad chopper".  You put a bunch of lettuce or spinach and stuff in a bowl, use this like a pair of scissors to chop up everything, right in the bowl. I saw a video where the demonstrator placed the chopper blade part straight in a can of tomatoes and just cut/chopped away, very interesting. However, I have to admit, I have not used it like that yet.  I had a small bunch of green onions that I needed to slice for a recipe I was making, and I really hate chopping or slicing those little buggers, so I tried this gizmo on a whim.  It worked WONDERFULLY!  I will definitely be using this to chop those onions from now on.
Now this little gadget is called a julienne peeler.  Also from Pampered Chef.  I LOVE this thing. Those are zucchini and carrot strips in the bag, ready for stir fry.  This thing just peels off a layer and cuts it in to strips at the same time.  I will have to experiment a bit and see what other veggies this thing works on.

On the subject of menu planning.  I have come to the realization that my current schedule is such that posting the menu plan for the coming week is just not going to work.  One of the posters to the MPM site list what they did have for the week and that seems to work well.  I will be trying that next week.

Thanks for stopping by, come back and visit often.