Jul 16, 2013

Cooking up Pink

The last few months have been totally crazy.  First of all, let me show off.
 My newest grand baby arrived.  Pink this time.  She was just hours old in this photo.
I am so happy, so thankful to God that everything turned out so well.  She was full term, healthy, and her mom is doing great as well.
Miss C arrived July 14, 2013 weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long.  She has lovely long fingers and long toes and a long little foot as well.  Not sure if the hair will be blonde or brown yet, but she has quite a bit.  After three grandsons, am so happy to have a grand daughter to dress up.

Life is still really busy around here with all the cleaning, remodeling and catching up I have to do from being sick and some dental work that went a little wrong.  We are soon to be heading out on our big vacation adventure as well.

We are hosting a small dinner party in August.  Since we are soon to start the kitchen remodel we wanted to have our turn as host since it will be a few months before it will all be worked over. It will be a kind of good bye to the old kitchen and then on with the new so when we host again the couples will get to see the before and after experience.  OH I AM SO EXCITED to get this project going.  I know it will take a long time as we are doing the work all our selves, but the savings will be well worth it since I am putting that savings toward some new appliances.  Hubby doesn't think I am capable of doing any physical work, but I will be PROVING him wrong because I can, if nothing else, be cleaning up behind him while he is at work.  My dad was the world's best handy man and taught me to swing a hammer and such so I know that I can be of help.  Besides, the new design is all in my head anyway.

Some of the cabinets will be repurposed for the new laundry room and storage/pantry room.  But otherwise, we will be gutting the entire kitchen and putting all new cabinets and countertops in, new back splashes and a new window as well.  Not much has to change with the flooring, but little does change we still have boxes of tile left over from when we did the kitchen floor so matching and repairing will be simple.
I made a Churro Cheesecake, which was very good but not much eaten.  I really need to work on learning to half a recipe or find somewhere to take the other half. LOL

I will be working on getting back on track with my budgeting and menu planning when we get back home.  My oldest grandson Mr. T has been visiting us for the last few weeks.  He lives in Texas with is his little brother Mr. W and his mom (my oldest daughter) and dad.  Since I normally get to see him once a year, for about 3 or 4 days, this month with him has been a real treat.  However, not being around him often, it is hard to know what he likes for meals so menu planning went totally by the wayside.  But, since I am really determined to start cut our spending...every where...and since I can make the biggest difference or cut the easiest with the grocery and household spending that is where I will start.  That and cutting out the eating out.  I am terrible about wanting to eat out because it is my favorite thing to do.  But I will just have to think about the big picture, which is the money saved, and I will be able to do it.  It is just insane that any more for our family to all go out to eat it cost close to $200.00 including a tip of course.  But, then again when we usually go out to eat, we usually go out with our oldest son and his family and usually pay for them as well.  Still, it is obscene to think that I am enjoying one meal for what I can feed us on for at the very least two to three weeks.  Healthier food as well.  I will also be taking advantage of the week before oldest daughter starts back to school that she can watch the little guy for me so I can do some bulk cooking sessions.  This has one obstacle to achieving, that is the freezer is stuffed with meat.  I am hoping that the spaced freed up by cooking the meat will generate enough space for the meals I am cooking ahead.  I have also purchases some aids in organizing the menu plans to make them a little more easily accessed.  I just need to make myself sit down, plan it and implement it.  That is my number one goal, actually doing it for a change.

Also forcing myself back in to weight management mode as well.  I plan to schedule some gym time, just like I would schedule a manicure.  I need to renew my efforts to control my portions, cut my sweets and boredom snacking, and get moving.  I am not taking all my recipes and such to menu plan, but will be taking some notebooks to work on creating cleaning schedules to actually make myself clean, and an activity schedule for my bible study, writing, computer time (blogging and facebooking) and sewing.  I find that I tend to get focused in on one thing or one project and neglect all else until I finish it.  In fact, I also get so easily distracted by one thing or another, that I wonder if I don't have adult ADD.  Have to add that I also have to get myself better organized as to my Pampered Chef business and getting my Etsy site up and running and actually some things to offer in it.  WOW, I am overloaded, but I need to be more productive and less Facebook gaming.

Got to go for now, so will be back in August and hopefully in full swing with all my sewing and crafting. Wish me luck and check back in August.  Thanks for stopping in and come back soon.