Jan 17, 2013

New Year...New Plan

Here we go.  Another new year, another new plan.  This time, I am following the KISS strategy. Keep It Simple Stupid.  I have started this blog as a way to organize my cooking a bit.  I will post my meal plans, recipes, successful dishes, not so successful as well.

I have got to get things together, cannot afford to keep eating out or buying already cooked dishes to heat up. I didn't do resolutions because they never get any where, never turn out.  Therefore, I am determined to make myself accountable for my home and hearth so to speak. That is what this blog will be about.  I will also post about the budget, what is working and what isn't. 

I am not a coupon queen, they just don't work in area.  We have no stores that double or triple the value, most coupons are for processed food and ridiculously expensive personal products. I have worked the angles every way I can, I can't even get the coupons to come out when the items are on sale.  With a lot of research, and watching that stupid show "Extreme Couponer" I have gained some great knowledge.  I now work the sales, planning meals around loss leaders.  Have also found that I can get store brands cheaper than using coupons for the name brands.  Due to some circumstances brought about by our idiotic uninformed clueless about real life government, I am really working on cutting our expenses.  I won't get on my soap box, at least not tonight, but I am pretty sure there are several in the same boat with us.  Now, hubby got word, the new changes in social security taxes will cause us to loose $200.00 a month from our take home.  I am pretty sure I got this covered for this year, but won't be able to keep it up so I must...absolutely must...find more permanent ways of easing our spending.

My biggest obstacle, the family, mainly my hubby.  He wants meat and potatoes, two higher priced items at the grocery lately.  To keep this simple and to the point, he doesn't like ground beef except as a burger.  No pasta, tolerates rice...on occasion which are the cheaper eats.  He gets to eat out every day at lunch with his job.  I only get out if we go eat in the evening.  I keep my grandson during the week, Mr. M is 18 months, I am not exactly winning any prizes in the "handling the whole house" department between following him around and trying to get this house cleaned up.  So...long and short of it.  I am determined to get back to menu planning, strict household budgeting and more simple home cooking.  Oh, and did I mention that hubby never had to eat left overs growing up so won't eat them now?  He didn't eat them because there was never any left. 

Also, our youngest daughter, Miss Zebra, will be going on a trip with our church this summer so we have to come up with about $1,500.00 dollars for it.  Now, thanks to a small inheritance I have this money put back for this, but I came across a plan to save the money with out us feeling it, and with out it coming out of my money.  At least the bulk of it anyway.  Here's the plan.

Someone posted this to my Facebook page.
A man name James Fortune came up this from what I read about it.

I am taking this as a challenge.  The later half of the year may get a little tough, as that is a big amount for a week. That being said, realistically that amount is less than it cost us to eat out one meal, especially if it is when we take the whole family, not just the three of us living in this house.  Sometimes we do take our oldest son and his family and on rare but wonderful occasions our youngest son, Mr. College, is home visiting and we go out some where then as well.  However, I have come up with my own plan, using this as a guide so to speak.

That being said, here is my plan.  I will deposit the suggested amount each week.  IN ADDITION, I will be shopping sales and will also deposit any monies that I do not use from my household budget.  In other words, I have a set amount that I get each pay day for groceries.  We get paid twice a month.  Any left over money from pay day to pay day that I didn't use on groceries or household items will also be deposited, in addition to the weekly deposit.  When I think about it, $40 - $50 is the amount I sneak in for craft purchases.  Since I am going on a craft spending diet, I might as well sock the money away.  I also have a coin jar started, fed from change found in laundry or left behind from hubby because he hates to carry coins that will go in to this savings fund as well.

You would be surprised how fast that change adds up. Also, plan to add in the money I get from my occasional trips to the recycle center.  Will have to see how it goes, but that is the plan at this time.

So, as I stated, this blog is for all things house hold.  Cooking, cleaning, saving, budgeting and just getting by.  Like so many others.  Follow along with me on this journey.

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