Nov 17, 2014

Last Weeks Hits

Everything just kind of fell apart around here, and I do mean everything, as far as cooking, cleaning and organization.  The goal this week is to get back on track and hopefully do a mini cooking session for the freezer as well.

I wanted to get back on track with posting to Meal Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie, but don't have a plan for the week as yet.  So...I figured maybe I would just share some recipes I tried this week that were hits.

Maid-Rite Copycat - or Loose Meat Sandwich.  OH MY GOSH!, this was crazy good.  I had never heard of these, guess they are a mid-west thing.  The ingredients sounded like something the hubby would like, I am focused on trying some new things, so I gave it a whirl.  It is a hit, the only change we will make is eating them in a tortilla instead of a bun.

Authentic German Potato Salad - Really great for a little bit of a change.

Here are few other dishes.  Don't have recipes for them, but can tell you how to make them.

Honey Buttermilk Bread...okay, so it stuck to the top of the bread machine, but it was still good.

Cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, pinto beans and Frito salad.

Fry bread tacos.

Ham steak, sweet potatoes and green beans.

If you live here in central to southern California, enjoy the fallish weather and pray for needed rain.  If you live in the rest of the country...stay warm and safe.  Thanks for stopping by.

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