Jan 6, 2014

Week 6 - Kitchen Remodel

So, here we are in to week 6 of the remodel.  Still about two or three weeks to go.
 The neighbor surprised me while we were gone for Christmas and installed the new window.  Still have to do some trim work on it but man is it nice being able to look out and see things once again.  Last week we had some warmer weather during the day, so it was nice to be able to open the window for a change and let some fresh air in.  Well, fresh as can be for our area. Ha Ha

We are slowly getting there.  The stove in the photo has been replaced.  The dishwasher is hooked up and working so I can at least wash dishes.  Still have to take them to the bath tub to rinse them off. LOL  The vent has been replaced as well.  This past Tuesday the guy came and did the final measure for the counter tops.  That paper work hit the New Year holiday, so was finalized this past Friday.  I was waiting for the call from Home Depot, knew that I would have to go pay a bunch more before they could start on them.  I originally paid for a color A price (A being the lowest price) and top mount sink.  Decided however to go with an under mount sink, which is an additional charge.  Then changed my mind several times on the color, ending up with one that was in color D price range (the most expensive group) but was on sale for the color B price, so knew that I would have to pay about $400.00 difference.  Well, after he did the measure, found out my designer measured heavy, then find out that the price of the counter top has gone down even more, I ended up getting about $25.00 refunded.  YIPPEE!

I had purchased a Hamilton Beach Toastation (is a toaster oven with a slotted toaster on top) thinking it would save counter space having two devices in one so to speak.  It was great when I first used it, the first few times actually.  Toaster slots worked well, had to do two cycles to toast a bagel, so was okay with that part.  The oven part worked great the first few times, then, the door quit working and became very difficult to open or close.  Best I can figure out, the brackets that move the shelf in and out as the door opens and closes was not made of metal strong enough to endure prolonged (more than 3-5 minutes) of higher heat temperature.  It would warp or bend just enough to keep the door from functioning.  I took it back and purchased just a toaster over.  Half the price, works ten times better.  Now to figure out if I am going to keep the big Faberware Toaster oven that I originally bought.  It works really well, has a rotisserie function, but am having a devil of a time finding bake ware to fit in it.  It is really too large for the regular toaster oven bake ware, but about a half inch short of smaller pans for a regular oven.  I guess I really should take it back and get my money back, but am really wanting to try that rotisserie function first.  OH MAN, would it be great to be able to cook rotisserie style chicken at home.  Although, they are really cheap to buy already cooked from Costco.  At under $5 bucks, can hardly buy the hen and spices for that.  AND, they are sooo good.

Actually, I have several small appliances that I am waiting for my counter tops to come in and the back splash installed to determine what I will be leaving on the counters.  Once I have that figured out, I will then determine where to store the rest and then possible get rid of some.  I am a gadget obsessed hoarder to be sure.  I have grills, waffle stick makers, processors, pressure cookers, rice cooker, steamer, I even have a slider grill that I have used twice.  It works really well, as I love those little burgers, but it is heck to clean up and since I am the only one that likes them I just wait until we eat out to have them. I swore I wouldn't buy any more such appliance gadgets, but during Christmas Walmart put out there odd little things, like chocolate fountains, for customers to purchase as gifts.  NO...I did not buy the fountain.  Thought about it, but knew that it would sure be a bear to clean.  I did however buy a doughnut maker (makes four cake doughnuts) because it seemed healthier than fried ones.  But then I bought a funnel cake fryer.  I will be taking it back, no one eats them around here, we are trying to cut back on fried food, but it is so cute in it's little blue size.  Besides, Miss Z would probably have fun using to make up some funnel cakes during a super bowl party or something.  If I ever get counter tops and sink back in the kitchen.

Oh, and we won't talk about the new deep fryer and bread maker that I bought and hid in the RV until the kitchen is finished.  I know it is terribly wasteful, but I did buy them just because I wanted new stainless steel ones for my kitchen.  I know, fried food, but some times a girl just has to have her fried okra and tater tots are so much better fried than baked. 

We have all been sick with the crud, even the grand babies - poor things, and thought we were getting over it, had a few nice days, then BAM! it has all come back.  Miss Zebra is done down with it in a huge way.  I am still, after four weeks of this battle, coughing like I smoke and those coughing fits lead to little accidents which lead to a load of pants being washed each night.  I am really seriously thinking about wearing a pad, if it weren't for the fact that the stupid things break me out.  Bad enough during "that time" but just not wanting to add fuel to the fire so to speak.

Since I only have a partially functioning kitchen, my meal planning has been put on hold.  While I can cook anything I want now, cleaning up and prep work is holding that back.  Am cooking very simple things, not many pans, not a lot of prep.  Hubby was sweet and has temporarily gotten me a piece of plywood over the dishwasher, so that helps some, plus we needed it to keep the dishwasher from tipping when we opened the door.  I took some old shelves and have then placed around the stove, they are not very big, but it at least gives me something to work on, leave a spoon on and such.

I am still in a quandary as to where to put everything back in the cabinets.  Not to mention all the Pampered Chef serving ware I went a little crazy on when it hit the clearance price. I have way too much stuff and as I posted earlier, the new cabinets are only 12 inches deep where the old ones were 15.  Makes some of my platters not fit and I am having a hard time figuring out where to put plastic left over dishes.  That is in the works for today, to empty a few more boxes of kitchen ware and then take what I am not using to storage for a time.  You see, I have two children going in to an apartment possibly in the fall and I just can't let go of some of this stuff until I see if they will be needing it or not.

Thanks for stopping in,  please come back again.  If I can get myself organized, I will be posting at least once a week here.  That is the goal anyway.  See you next time.

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