Nov 25, 2013

Week 1

We officially started the remodel on Nov. 22 and have now reached a "sit and wait" phase.
 Can you see in the corner all that dead space that could be used for storage?  That is where the big corner lazy susan is going.
Starting pulling off the old tile to find that the builders had used cement board instead of wood for the base of the counter tops.  Very cheap way to go, makes a huge mess.  Even the cat had to explore.

Then, the old bar had to be removed.
 Yeah, it is finally gone.  Out of here.
And, no more cabinets. 
 Backsplash is gone, damaged sheet rock cut out, a couple of rodent nest removed, replaced worn out outlets and leaking pipes.  Moved some plumbing around as well.
Can you see the left corner empty spot.  Would seem that the builders did not have room to put sheet rock behind the tub enclosure.  That is the main bathroom on the other side of that wall.  Did the cat ever have a grand time popping in and out of there.   Also had the gas line moved over as the stove is moving to a more centered location to allow for more cabinets and counter space.

That was week one.  I doubt that I will ever get the dust out of the living room and dining room, but will keep cleaning away. 

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