Aug 19, 2013

Meal Plan Monday - 8/19/13

Hello all,

I am back...I think anyway.  Things have been so crazy around here, you can read about it on my past postings. In a nutshell, I had dental work that went wrong (still having trouble with my jaws and it has been over 2 months), my oldest grand son came to visit us, my first grand daughter made her appearance, we left for a huge vacation, took oldest grand son home to Texas, got home and slowly, very slowly, trying to get caught up.

My youngest daughter, Miss Zebra, starts her senior year of high school today.  It is kind of bitter sweet.  I know I am supposed to be all sad that my baby is growing up and all, but she is the youngest of four.  In a way, it is feeling like it is kind of time for her to be grown up.  She will be home with us for a few years though, she will live her while she goes to college to be a nurse.

So, trying to get back in to the groove so to speak, I am working on menu plans. It just makes life roll along so much smoother.  I will be linking up to Organized Junkie to post on Menu Plan Monday.  Because I have no idea which days I will have the baby too, and because it is still so hot, I am planning a lot of meals for the crock pot.  Much cooler, don't have to really keep to close of an eye on it, easy clean up and I can get it all prepped and going before I get little ones.  I am in a good shape for cooking as I am really stocked as far as meat and pantry, not too many fresh veggies, but will get what I need as the week goes.  Well, here goes, this is what is on the menu for this week.

M. - Crock Pot Homestyle Chicken & Noodles - New recipe.
T. - Beef Stroganoff, green beans and carrots. - Using left over roast.
W. - Crocktober - All in One Crock Pot Meal - New recipe.
Th. - Baked Chicken Chimichanga - New recipe.
F. - Hosting dinner group - Steak, baked potato, salad and ice cream.
S. - Will be something quick and easy - grocery day, farmer's market too.
S. - Beer can chicken, grilled potato packs, salad.

Monday's recipe, I am cutting in half, although I am not to sure how to half a can of soup. Friday we host the dinner group from church.  Hubby wanted to grill steaks as kind of an end of summer dinner.  Here, it is by no means the end of summer though. Sunday, will cook two chickens, one for our meal and one for left over meat for casseroles.

Here in the town we live, I recently found out a company called the Grapery that has their product available at a local bakery shop called Sweet Surrender.  They have developed a couple of new types of grapes that are just out of this world.

These really do taste like Cotton Candy.  They are nice and big, plump and juicy with a really sweet flavor.  I don't know how they do it, all done with breeding, but they are wonderful.  Of coarse I just love cotton candy.  My oldest son doesn't like them, he said that when he bites in to a food it should taste like that food. LOL  I like the unique fruits though, apples that taste like grapes and such.  But honestly, these really are in my opinion out of this world good.

These are a mix of two breeds, and called Witch Fingers.  They are just a really flavorful grape, reminds me of Thompson grapes that we used to grow when I was young.  Maybe a little like the Red Globe as well.  The shape makes one think peppers, and to me that is what they look like, little chili peppers but they are sweet.

Also, really praying that by the end of the month we will start the kitchen remodel.

This is the before view.  Hopefully it will all be gone soon and my new kitchen will be born in it's place.  As I said, I can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by, come visit often.

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