May 20, 2013

MPM For Week 5/20

Hello all, changes are taking place whether the family wants it or not.  For health reasons, it just has to be, mainly for my sake.  I have been diagnosed as diabetic, my doctor has told me that we can try controlling it by diet for a while.  So, I told hubby that we really have to change some things, and of course most of the changes are mine to make, such as better healthier eating and portion control.  Hubby told me that he wasn't the diabetic one, to that I replied that his cook is.

It has been a long time since I posted to Menu Plan Monday so am trying to get back on track.  Organizing Junkie has a great website and all the other great cooks that post their menu plans for the week are great inspiration.  This has been a really hectic week so I have yet to finalize my menu plan, but it is looking a little like this.

Monday - crock pot chicken - not decided on the recipe yet, veggies will depend on the recipe.
Tuesday - baked burrito casserole, Spanish rice, and Mexican salad
Wednesday - crock pot Tri-tip, cheesy baked corn, green beans
Thursday - Smothered pork chops, English pea salad, rice
Friday - Salmon patties, fried potatoes, coleslaw
Saturday - Something grilled - not sure about our schedule for the week end yet.
Sunday - Will be something from ground beef, depends on what I find at the farmer's market.

So...I do my menu planning a little differently than most.  I have decided to do two tried and true meals a week, new recipes the rest of the week.  My biggest challenge is to make sure I don't make the same kind of meat two days in a row.  I am pulling some of my older cookbooks and going to go through them for some good "Home Style" cooking.  My family just doesn't go in for sun dried tomatoes, gourmet mushrooms,  or any other of those types of ingredients.  We are a meat and potatoes family and don't apologize for it.  I am not really and advocate of organic or natural foods, however, that being said, I am slowly attempting to do more scratch cooking and less processed items.  I have a hectic schedule, just as many of you have, so I try to use the crock pots on days I know are going to very busy or short on time.  Today is a great example of that, I have a late doctor's appointment so am using the crock pot for the main dish.

I will also be baking some breads and desserts.  Although I can't have them, my nutrition class told me that having a small helping, like just a taste, doesn't hurt.  I will be trying some recipes that are more diabetic friendly.  I just finished a few weeks of cleaning and purging my pantry and freezers, along with an inventory of items, in an attempt to better utilize what I have on hand.  I have a well stocked kitchen.  As I posted Friday, I am getting tough with our budget.  I am going to be so tight with the wallet that it may just rust shut. Wish me luck as I endeavor to get back in the gym, this depends on what the doctor tells me at my visit.  I would not classify myself as morbidly obese, but probably am.  My goal is to loose a total of 80 pounds.  The first goal is to begin an exercise routine.  My first weight goal is to loose 20 pounds by July 19.  That is two months, or 8 weeks, and the recommended amount of weight to safely loose is 2.5 pounds a week. Which equals 20.  That is the day we leave for our family reunion slash vacation.  I would like to be a little lighter in order to better keep up with the activities.

In future post for MPM I will strive to include recipes or links to recipes.  If you see something you find interesting and I didn't post the recipe, feel free to leave a request in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, come back and visit soon.

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